Sleep log (Sir A) 17/01/13

This is from ages ago, when I cunningly managed to get him back to sleep on the floor. Or something. We have a lot of pictures of him sleep cos it's just so darn sweet. And a big achievement haha

This is from ages ago, when I cunningly managed to get him back to sleep on the floor. Or something. We have a lot of pictures of him sleep cos it’s just so darn sweet. And a big achievement haha

Yeah, probably no one else cares, but where else am I going to store all this info?

So, the first night Sir A did well. Slept 2.5 or so hours before first waking, and two times after that I think.

The next day I thought I’d be brave and not feed him to sleep for his nap. It took 40 minutes. Which is fine in the evening – doesn’t seem to take longer either way – but at naptime, he feeds down in 5-15 min. Much more manageable. And then, to add insult to injury, he woke up before he’d even complete a full sleep cycle! Decided not to bother with that again for a while, and to focus on convincing him to quickly relinquish the boob if he does wake up so I can go back to looking after the Other Child.

Of course this worked really well the first time, so I assumed it would the next. Not so much. The second day he completely refused (had probably cottoned on) to stay asleep enough when I tried to whisk it out of his mouth. Eventually I seemed to succeed, only to have his beautiful eyes open and stare at me accusingly (or so it seemed) as I opened the door to escape.

The third day I think he slept for 1.5 hours so I just left it at that when he woke up.

The fourth day again he was not interested in me not being attached to him, but just as I was about to give up trying he changed his mind and slept for another half hour or so.

Yesterday was a Daddyless day (ie not working from home), so I had nothing to fall back on should Sir A once more not cooperate. Lord B amused himself very helpfully while I got Sir A to sleep. I asked him if he’d prefer me to get Sir A back to sleep again if he woke up, or just to bring him out. He chose the latter. Of course Sir A woke up shortly thereafter, and was SO not ready to be awake, so I tried again. No luck, and after a bit a decided that was his problem and we emerged from the bedroom. He wasn’t too grumpy, thankfully, and Lord B was wonderfully helpful. I was most relieved not to have had to resort to tv.

As for night times, well. One night he didn’t wake up till close to 3, which is AMAZING for him. Other nights it’s been 2 or 3 hours. Last night it was only 1.5 hours but previously when his nap was too short it would only be 45 min, so I wasn’t complaining. But the rest of the night was shite. He’d happily assenting to finishing his mim and going to cuddles in 5 minutes. I gave him the 3 and 1 minutes warnings. Then realised he was practically asleep. Cunning little beast. So after his 1.5 hour sleep, he woke up I don’t know how frequently, but far too much so for my taste. Perhaps he was cold, as he rejected every offer of blanket and it was rather a cold night compared to what it has been. Either way, when he woke up at 6 and wanted to feed and kick to getting up time I informed him I still needed to sleep and he could play with his trains. I didn’t do much but doze, but he was pretty cooperative. When the alarm went off I found him sitting next to me in a sodden patch – what a surprise, with that much liquid going in overnight! (The night he did that huge stretch he was dry in the morning.) So I put some dry clothes on him and we made breakfast.

Current conclusions? Well, he does object to having his mim taken away in the evening but settles and drops of 5-10 min later. I don’t like the sad noises but I feel it’s an important boundary and we’re going to stick to it. He definitely seems to sleep better if he goes to sleep without sucking, though I suppose it’s too early to be 100% sure.

As for naps, I just can’t be bothered spending so long not feeding him to sleep, so I’m going to enjoy the days he doesn’t wake up till he’s ready, and the days he doesn’t I’ll see if I can steal away if he doesn’t relinquish me voluntarily.

In case you’re wondering how the getting away thing works… it’s something I read in a couple of books but didn’t at all work when I tried it 18 months ago so I gave up. It’s not working all that well now either, but I’ll keep trying for a while.

Basically it’s about trying to maintaining the mouth pressure when you steal the nipple back. Apparently, if you push upwards under the chin or place your finger under the bottom lip (longways, I believe) and push, it’s supposed to keep the pressure in the mouth roughly the same while you ease the nipple out between sucks. Of course trying to coordinate all this while lying down is rather tricky… plus he seems to anticipate it and suddenly have really short breaks between sucks so I can’t try. But maybe I’m just too impatient and don’t wait long enough between attempts.

3 Responses to “Sleep log (Sir A) 17/01/13”
  1. Ah, I remember the sneaking-away days with Rowan. It rarely worked for me – she’d usually wait until I thought I was safe, and was trying to roll off the bed with minimal creakage and seismic activity (mattress-wise, I mean, not… like… gastro-intestinally or anything) – and then she’d stir and startle and start to scream. Drove me to the point of pigicide on several occasions.

    I didn’t know about the maintaining-pressure thing, though. So, uh, yeah, I’m sure it’ll work for you. Optimism! That’s the spirit. *waves pompoms*

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