Sleep update 10/01/13

Sleep; that wondrous, elusive thing. Actually, it’s not so bad in our house. Lord B and Amazing Husband are quite used to each other and sleep very well on their separate beds (Lord B doesn’t like being too close to anyone) and Sir A and I enjoy all night cuddles most nights and get plenty of sleep most of the time too. But things are changing a touch and I want to keep track of what we’re doing.

Lord B seems to finally be growing out of naps. The last few days he’s had these crappy 45ish or something minute ones which don’t do what they’re meant to and then still goes to sleep at like 9.30 or 10. This results in too little sleep and a whingy child. Not pleasant for anyone. The last two days Amazing Husband has taken Sir A for his nap, mostly so I had spare milk to pump, but we also decided Lord B could stay up since I was free. It’s kinda nice cos I get some proper time with him and he gets to potter about unpesked, and he helped me pump (it’s a LOT easier pumping when you’ve got someone on the other side getting letdowns – mouths are far more efficient than pumps).

And then he went to sleep around 8/8.15 both last night and tonight and Amazing Husband and I don’t know what to do with ourselves, not being interrupted every 5 seconds. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking.

Sir A is also exhibiting his increased maturity in sleep stuff. The last few nights he’s being doing this annoying suck suck suck suck FOREVER without going into a deep sleep thing. It was annoying. The night before last he fed so much he soaked himself and woke up really early. It was lame. My theory is that he no longer needs to suck to sleep but is in the habit of it so does it out of instinct and gets annoyed with it or something cos it’s not actually required.

So, the night weaning has begun! It’s actually really good timing. I’m hoping that I can wean him off needing to feed to sleep for his nap, too, which should help him not need to fed back to sleep half way through, so when Amazing Husband isn’t around I can keep Lord B up without getting horribly stressed and Sir A missing out on much needed nappage. The two days prior to the days he’s just slept with Amazing Husband, Sir A did actually do 1-1.5 hours before waking up, which is amazing for him. So I’m thinking either his sleep cycles are lengthening or he’s learning to self-settle between them better.

What a sweet sight a sleeping child is.

What a sweet sight a sleeping child is.

And no, I’m not just being all wishful thinking. A handful of times over the last wee while I’ve gotten sick of his sucking and informed him that was that and go to sleep and he actually did. He’s had a couple of nights of only waking once or twice (I can never keep track), and quite a few of going 2, 3, 4 hours in the evening before waking.

So this evening I informed him of my plans. He said “ah-den”, which means Ok (and thank you and here you go and possibly some other things I can’t think of). So we had some mim for a bit, and he did his usual crazies. Then I asked if we should put the mim away and have cuddles and go to sleep and he said “ah-den, bye-bye mim”, and then pretended he was trying to get it back a few times, and hid under the sheet a few times, and puffed my tummy a few times, so I told him that didn’t really look like relaxing and going to sleep and he turned over, snuggled his bum into me, and in 5 or so minutes was snoring sweetly. Well, not actually, but you know. Oh how much easier it is changing such things when one can actually “discuss” them with the child!


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