I hate headaches. Well duh, who doesn’t. But I’m a terrible patient. I had them quite a lot when I was 7 or 8, then only occasionally over the years. Pre-children I just managed then went to sleep and they were gone by morning. When I was pregnant with Sir A they came back more regularly and of course I couldn’t take nurofen (paracetamol doesn’t do much for me) and accidentally found a preggie pilates/exercise DVD that helped quite a bit.

In the last year or so they’ve come back again, and been worse in the last few months. Going to bed doesn’t help since I sometimes wake up briefly for Sir A, remember my head hurts, and can’t get back to sleep, or get anything to help cos he’ll wail. In the last couple of months I’ve given and started taking nurofen cos otherwise I just end up a mess and useless and unpleasant etc etc. But I’m not keen on taking painkillers. Sometimes I”ll go a couple of weeks between headaches, which isn’t so bad, but after a horrible one on Tuesday (killed with nurofen, or so I thought), one has been trying to get hold of my senses all day today.

So I started doing some serious research into possible causes and treatments/preventions.

The last time I was having non-pregnancy related headaches it turned out I needed glasses, but that was when I spent the majority of the day doing law readings (tiny writing) or on the computer for uni or work. I tried using my glasses not that long ago but it didn’t affect the frequency of the headaches and was a pain so I’ve stopped that.

Then, on a thread on fb that was actually about my children’s cradle cap, someone got me thinking about magnesium deficiencies I already knew that magnesium could help with muscular issues but didn’t really think much of it, since I don’t have muscular issues. Or do I? I’ve been getting mildly restless legs lately, plus heaps of tension headaches from fairly commonplace activities… Without doing a test I can’t be sure, but I’m going to start with eating more magnesium rich foods (like the leafy greens running wild in my garden – score!) and nuts, and probably start having porridge again. I got lazy cos the boys stopped eating it a few days ago. But porridge with coconut cream and cinnamon (which is exactly how we have it; aren’t I clever) is supposed to be a great source of magnesium, and would help balance out my several morning eggs (and the coffee…) which raise melatonin, apparently. Check out this lady – she’s kinda crazy sounding but has very interesting ideas.

Anyhoo, I put some of my research into practice today, and have managed to avoid having to take nurofen. First of all I did some pilates and some exercises/stretches of my shoulders/neck. This was to increase blood flow and decrease the squeezing of my poor blood vessels. Then I had to wait a bit cos Someone (ahen) required feeding back to sleep just as I was about to eat a plate of steamed kale with hummus and nuts and things. Dunno about the hummus, but kale and nuts have lots of magnesium. I followed that with a peppermint tea (supposed to help tension headaches) and more nuts. Interestingly, while the headache was still pretty weak at that point, I felt an immediate relief after eating a couple of handfuls of nuts. Soaked and dried, of course.

Have just had another peppermint tea, as well as juice earlier (no greens, really, but lots of goodness).

And I’m thinking more tinned salmon is in order for lunches. Cos otherwise I’ll starve without lots of eggs and cheese. Only a week or so more that I can’t have cheese. Except for it’s not so helpful if you’re trying to boost magnesium levels.

So, I’m going to try this for a month maybe, and see how the head goes. May need to introduce a supplement after that. We shall see.


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