Dairy-free, soy-free ice-cream

2013-01-01 20.08.40

Being dairy-free over the post-Christmas period makes life a tiny bit boring when everyone else is eating yummy treats that don’t have much dairy and would normally be fine, but the thought of a baby possibly having formula at a day or two old when it’s not necessary bothers me enough to do it anyway.

(No, I am not pregnant.  A friend who is due in a couple of weeks has a history of big, hungry babies, milk allergies, and her milk taking a while to come in, so rather than a starving baby or having to supplement with formula in the first couple of days, she asked if I could pump a bit just in case. Which necessitates me being completely dairy free for at least two weeks before pumping. If you’re wondering why I’m so anti formula, it’s mostly cos babies have these incredibly sterile guts that are designed to have nothing but breastmilk till around 6 months as anything else can disrupt their gut flora (and plenty of babies have bad enough gut flora to begin with these days) as well as increase the chances of allergies such as dairy issues, eczema, asthma etc.)

So I kinda wanted some ice-cream for myself. Also, commercial ice-cream is full of stuff I don’t really like feeding my family. And also makes me tired and does things to my tummy. And is full of sugar which makes me feel yuck.

I’m pretty anti soy too, cos highly refined yuck yuck will turn my boys into girls. And all that. Before anyone suggest vile commercial dairy-free icecreams. And sorbets have way too much sugar. I want something I can eat whenever I like cos it’s actually nutritious and doesn’t make me feel yuck.

So I grabbed a tin of coconut milk, chucked in a couple of frozen bananas, added some frozen cranberries and lots of cinnamon, and whizzed it all up with the stick blender which I then left lying about which horribly annoyed my husband… oops. And froze it.

Verdict? Very hard, so kinda need to leave it out for a while before being able to eat it. I knew that would happen though, without any sugar or other rubbish to soften it. If you want it to taste just like normal ice-cream, forget it. Nothing does unless it’s made of moo. But if you try to think of it as a new frozen dessert it’s actually really nice. Even Lord B thought so. A little of that was all we could get into the boys for breakfast today 😦 That’s another story though.

2 Responses to “Dairy-free, soy-free ice-cream”
  1. You know, there’s an easy way to soften up ice cream without sugar. It’s called Vast Quantities of Likker. Even a tablespoon or two of vodka would do it. Just saying. :p

    I’ve seen a recipe floating around Pinterest for frozen bananas blended up with or without cocoa; it’s supposed to have a pretty genuine ice cream texture, although I’m dubious.

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