St Nicholas

Since Lord B very much understands the concept of presents this year, as well as many other things, we decided we needed to do something different so that he got the idea of what Christmas is really about, instead of just thinking it was a time for presents and trees. He really likes Christmas trees. And presents. Sir A doesn’t really understand presents yet but it’ll be good for him too.

So what we decided we’ll do is have their “stockings” on St Nicholas day (6 Dec), just like is done in many Germanic countries, and their big presents on Epiphany (6 Jan), since that’s the day we commemorate the visit of the Magi with their gifts of Gold, Frankincense, and Myrhh. We can’t quite afford such gifts, so they’re getting balance bikes. But don’t tell them that.

We’ll be doing our family Christmas (my parents and grandmother, who’s over from SA, my brother and his family, and possibly Amazing Husband’s parents – we never know quite what they’re up to till shortly after it’s happened) on Christmas Eve. Of course the boys will get presents from the older generation, which can’t be helped. Can hardly impose our traditions on them, at least not until we’ve done it more than once so it’s officially a tradition. But Christmas Day will be Mass in the morning, putting baby Jesus in the Nativity scene, and talking lots about what the day is about in between all the normal daily stuff and also probably not that much cos their understanding and attention spans are limited. If I”m lucky in a year or two they’ll be able to sing Christmas carols with me πŸ™‚ Lord B currently doesn’t really sing. He spent his whole school concert sitting silently and looking absolutely miserable, poor thing.

Anyhoo, St Nicholas. The short story is that he was a rich bishop in the 4th century, who gave his money to the needy. The story that started the tradition of gift-giving on his feast day was that he anonymously gave bags of gold as dowries for girls that were otherwise going to be sold into slavery or prostitution. The long story here, if you want it πŸ™‚ And no, he didn’t slide down the chimney, actually.

I’m not really sure how I feel about the Santa Claus/Father Christmas story but didn’t really need to deal with it this year. Lord B just saw presents and didn’t care where they came from! Of course the little blighter took his pick and left the rejects to his brother… They got everything to share, you see. Which is mostly going ok, but the trains they got (off trademe, of course), not so much. If Sir A so much as looks at Diesel 10 or Henry and his tender he gets pounced on. A topic for another post, methinks.

Ramble, ramble, and no pics even. Maybe I’ll go take you one of the Christmas tree, which Lord B was very excited to decorate yesterday. Though he was most disappointed in the lack of lights, so Nanny said we can have her old ones πŸ™‚ And here it is.

Could use more tinsel. And yes, it's fake. For shame.

Could use more tinsel. And yes, it’s fake. For shame.


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