Boyses 15/12/12

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We’ve finally discovered a slide close by. And even better, there’s never anyone else there 😀

I keep wanting to do an update of what the boys are up to and never getting around to it, and then I can never remember what I wanted to say. So I started writing things down occasionally. And now I can’t read it all. *Hangs head.*

Basically they’re both geniuses and that covers everything. No, really. But they do often amaze me, in particular the speech abilities of Sir A and the cunning things Lord B learns on the sly at school and then busts out when you’re least expecting it. Like being able to do his own buttons. He can, on a good day, get completely dressed and undressed himself now. Of course there aren’t that many good days.

Lord B is also getting much more interested in drawing things other than backwards and forwards scribbles. The other day he came home with a piece of paper he’d been learning to write the number 1 on, and had attempted to draw “one flower”. Previously, the only thing he’d purposely drawn was train tracks. Oh and a very sweet self portrait that was thankfully labelled as such, though we’re getting the hang of getting him to tell us about his artwork in his own words. “That’s eyes” he told me. So sweet.

Sir A is also learning how to dress himself. He can do shorts and undies with help, and very occasionally without, though usually he ends up wearing a skirt with a hollow tail if he does it himself. He’s also doing marvellously with the potty. He’s still in nappies at night but during the day, so long as we remember to offer the potty every hour or so (which can take some planning when out and about!), he’s fine for wees. Poos are still pretty hit and miss, but that’s improving.

Who wouldn't want to use a potty that pretty all the time?

Who wouldn’t want to use a potty that pretty all the time?

The boys have unfortunately started fighting over the potty. Which has the advantage that sometimes they’ll go several times each in the space of ten minutes, but there’s always the rather high chance of it getting spilt. At least Sir A has started using the other potty (his, in theory, but it’s different to Lord B’s cos I couldn’t get another one the same) occasionally, so hopefully we can convince him it’s better and end that fight.

Sir A has been coming out with sweet things like his rendition of Lord B’s Trinity Song (Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit, God the Father, Amen), which mostly misses out the Holy Spirit and slurs over the rest and sounds more like “Eeja, Fader Fader, Amem, Amem, Amem”. He likes to sing it loudly at Mass sometimes. I guess at least it’s relevant noise? He’s also continuing in the Thomas the Tank Engine addiction tradition of our family, and when playing with trains says “ere’s double… fall over!” (then there was trouble) while driving them off the edge of something. And he correctly identified a frontloader the other day, which is so nice because poor Lord B gets quite beside himself with anxiety over non-diggers being called diggers all the time, so now we just need to get the various types of truck sussed and he’ll mostly have it.

A couple of weeks ago we went to my parents’ for dinner and Nanny had made icecream. Yum! Sir A was, however, rather dubious of this thing, and I had to shove a little into his mouth (forcefeeding – wtf?) to get him to try it. Even then he wouldn’t eat it like an icecream cone – he used his finger as a spoon for a bit and then didn’t want more. And completely rejected the offerings the other night at Nanny’s too. Maybe he’s instinctively avoiding it cos it might make his tummy sore. Either way, I’m kinda proud that he, in general, prefers savoury and healthier foods to desserts etc (he also rejected strawberries tarts at Nanny’s in favour of a plain rice cracker??) Perhaps he’s just got a salt tooth, as Amazing Husband would say. Pretty sure Lord B doesn’t…

A moment's break from fighting. Over crayons. Sir A has a nakie botton after having taking himself to do a poop "D

A moment’s break from fighting. Over crayons. Sir A has a nakie botton after having taking himself to do a poop “D

In addition to all their sweetness and light, the boys aren’t really getting easier. I keep thinking I’m starting to manage better (and I can get through a whole day and night without help now, which is great and mostly due to Lord B being able to look after himself a lot more now), but I can literally get nothing done if they’re both home and awake. Which is most of the time that either is home and awake. Every 3 seconds they annoy each other and start fighting. It’s so exasperating. Lord B gets annoyed if Sir A tries to play with his stuff, but then goes and pesks Sir A’s cos neither can control himself. They usually play ok in the sandpit for a while, cos they’re both focussed on the same thing separately. But pretty much anything else and not so much, unless I put them in separate rooms. Le sigh. One at a time is SO easy.

Not as fancy as Lord B's, but it does the trick.

Not as fancy as Lord B’s, but it does the trick.

Sir A is starting to consciously say things more accurately. Bem is now “bem, bankeh” (blanket), for example. He can also play major and minor scales on the piano, in every key. Just kidding. His manners are improving too, though you need to be in the know to realise it, since please and thankyou in Sir A-ese isn’t quite the same as in English.

Lord B got a lovely messenger-style bag from his illustrious Aunt last year, which he’s been using to carry around trains. Sir A wanted it to do the same. Since my sewing machine is working okish atm I whipped up one for him, which he point blanked refused to use for a couple of days, but is now quite attached to it and can even say bag.

4 Responses to “Boyses 15/12/12”
  1. Does his father know about the bag? :p

  2. AfricanKiwi says:

    I can attest to the fighting/annoying each other ALL the time! Mine are the same….don’t realize how easy it is having just one until there are two of them!haha

    • lol I was just telling that to one of my friends today. he has a girl though, so she might not fight as much with the next one. and their gap will be bigger, which may make a difference. damn hindsight. how unhelpful.

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