Sir A: nappies to undies (part two)

Just like his big brother. Who doesn’t use that seat anymore anyway cos he figured out how to climb up without it – score for Mummy!

Didn’t think I’d be writing this post so soon.

A couple of weeks ago, at the ripe old age of 20 months, Sir announced,

“I need do wee”, trotted off to the toilet, pulled his pant and nappy off, and tried to climb on.

I helped him up. His legs being rather short, I had to hold his “wee-wee” down so the wee wouldn’t go everywhere, but I suspect the pressure clogged the works, and nothing happened.

On a whim, I offered the potty.


And then we had it: his first wee in the potty.

Goodness, I thought. I mean I had been saying that once the weather warmed up and/or Lord B started Montessori I’d have a go with toilet training Sir A, but hadn’t thought much about it since both those things happened…

So we started offering Sir A the potty semi regularly, and putting him in undies/letting him run around naked at home.

His response to “do you want to do a wee?” is almost always a whispered “yup”, followed by taking off lower clothes, replacing boots if necessary (can’t wee without boots), and forcing out whatever was in there – often just a drop, but he was still very proud of it.

Then he’ll say “show Bobi?” or something that means that, and we have to double over to keep a firm hold on the potty while he ran off clutching it to show his brother the contents.

There were plenty of accidents, including poops on the floor and in undies. To be quite honest I thought he was mostly ready but would require a lot of effort to get there, so I wasn’t taking it too seriously. I put him in undies if we were just going to Mass and then coming home, or going somewhere else private (ie not the supermarket or vege shop), but he was still in a nappy for sleeps and whenever I didn’t get round to taking it off him straight away, or if I suspected he might wee at an inconvenient time and in an inconvenient place.

Then, yesterday, I offered him the potty shortly after he woke up. His nappy appeared dry (though one can never be 100% sure with disposables), and he emptied his bladder into the pot. Another wee before we went out, then the supermarket in undies. Another wee before we went out again, and he fell asleep in the car on the way home. Previously I’d put him in a nappy before taking him in the car near his sleep time, Just In Case.

I hardly wanted to wake him to put him in a nappy, so we thought we’d take the risk. After all, if he’d gone all night, which had included maybe 5 feeds, surely he could last a couple of hours with a couple of feeds. Plus he had a plastic sheet underneath him in his carseat, and we transferred that with him when he woke up and required feeding back to sleep.

He woke up dry. Was a bit whingy, so took a while convince him to be enough unattached to me to sit on the potty, but no accidents. As far as we can tell (no dodgy patches anywhere on the carpet, no poops lurking on the garden path), he was dry all day.

So I decided it was time to ditch the nappies completely and see what happens. Except for at night, because if he wakes up before my eyes want to open he doesn’t yet help himself to the potty – plays around for a bit, then wees and tells me he’s wet.

So far today also we’ve had great success, but it’s only 12.30. Amazing Husband is taking him for his nap today, so I can rave for a couple of hours (as in rant and rave, duh), so he’s in a nappy for this sleep… cos sleeping on Daddy is literally sleeping on Daddy, and/or in Daddy’s bed, which doesn’t have a waterproof thing (he’s the only one that never leaks at night). Haha I can hear snoring. Will see how the afternoon goes.

I’m not sure he’s got the whole holding on to poops thing yet, so no doubt I’ll be cleaning quite a few more out of undies, but hopefully it won’t be at the supermarket :s

And, of course, he might regress. But I think I can safely put most of the nappies away till the next baby, and once more carry a potty everywhere I go until his legs are long enough to use a toilet!

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  1. […] So once the weather improves and we can be outside lots, and I’ve got something good at cleaning carpets, I’ll give it a good go. And in the meantime I’ll try to get him on the potty for poos, and give him a chance at nappy changes, just to see what happens. And quite possibly I’ll only update this with news of success in a year, but maybe it’ll be less [See here for update.] […]

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