November Hippy Group (part one – juicing)

This month we relived our first ever hippy group meeting back in April. Or was it May? Pretty sure it was April. Barbera Wiseman, who used to own a shop (Wises Organics) that I often went past and wanted to stop in at but was always in a hurry to get somewhere else and never did. Anyhoo, I’ve nevertheless managed to gain from her knowledge – on juicing and good fats.

Shortly after we moved in here I acquired a juicer. Well, I actually got it largely for its sausage making abilities, since Lord B was still in his I-only-eat-sausages-and-chicken-legs phase, so I thought I’d try to make some sausages, not having yet found a supplier of preservative free ones. Didn’t have huge success, and found a supplier, so haven’t made much effort lately, plus he’s got a trifle more adventurous, but mmm, juicing.

Juicing is great. Kids won’t eat their veges? Give them vege juice. Eww, you’re thinking, envisioning bitter, green, sludgy, slimy, horribly healthy tasting liquid. But no! If you know how to mix things, it’s delicious! Even my Dad drank it. Ok, once, but if I added more fruit he’d probably really like it. Anyway, kids that haven’t been brought up on heaps of sugar don’t mind if it’s not super sweet, so if you start them young they’ll love it from the start.

I did have a very early juicing attempt back at Stinky Old House. I scored a super cheap manual juicer that was kinda worth it but not really, since it took a good hour to get enough juice for Lord B, and then I had to add crappy shop juice to make it sweet enough, not knowing Barbera’s secrets.

So when Marita suggested having her as our inaugural guru, I was super keen.

Just to clarify, before I spill her secrets, juicing isn’t just about getting healthy stuff into your kids the only way you can. The act of juicing in a  mastication juicer makes available enzymes that we can’t get otherwise, and raw stuff is (in most cases) much more nutritious than cooked. Lacto-fermented or juiced raw is even better. Plus, it’s easier than cooking veges, we all get our 5+ in one hit, I don’t have to use my brain much for the vege part of the meal, and it’s YUM!

So, how does one make super delicious juice? I was dying to know too. And here it is.

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Put in some apples, some lemon, and some ginger, and pretty much anything will taste good. Yup, that simple! I generally go with what’s cheapest at the vege shop (and soon it’ll be what’s in my garden), but at the moment, for a 2-large and 2-small person family (sometimes the boys drink more than us, though), I’ll have:

  • 3 large or 4-5 smaller apples (braeburn or granny smith if you don’t want it too sweet, plus lower sugar content – though apples are great for stabilising blood sugar, Barbera tells me, and she’s a diabetic so she should know!)
  • 1-2 lemons (my bff steals them from her mother’s tree for me – would get really expensive otherwise)
  • a chunk of ginger
  • some cucumber or zucchini (this week I got 4 small zucchini and a cucumber)
  • a couple of florets of broccoli (1 for the week – I’m cunningly growing a sprouting variety so I can pick florets each day and it’ll keep growing :D)
  • a couple of florets of cauli (1 for the week)
  • as much capsicum as I can afford (can’t wait till I’m producing my own! so expensive, but this week I was decadent and got enough for one a day – they’re really high in vit C)
  • some weeks I’ll put in some kale or silverbeet, but I tend to avoid it more than one week in three cos I’m still not sure about the oxalic acid in it.
  • every couple of weeks I’ll add a chunk of beetroot for a week
  • can add up to two cloves of garlic for this amount of juice – haven’t been brave enough to try more. BEWARE – it goes GROSS if you don’t drink it straight away (but then you should drink it within 10 min anyway, as the enzymes start deteriorating after this)
  • finish up with 2-3 carrots (or more if they’re tiny, like atm)

You can also put in pineapple (full of good enzymes), berries, limes, grapefruit, wheatgrass (I killed my last one and haven’t got round to growing more), herbs like mint and probably basil (looking forward to trying that soon), and probably other things I don’t know about yet, but this works for us, with minor variations. I also often add a bit water kefir and some juice from the sauerkraut if there isn’t as much juice as I’d like or I just want to chuck in some extra goodness in the form of probiotics. Concentrated kraut juice has quite the zing to it!

I should write about good fats now, shouldn’t I? Maybe in another post…

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