Garden log 12/11/12

On a totally unrelated note, 21/11/12 will be a really cool date.

So, the garden is doing well. I think I’m running a bit late on pretty much everything, but that’s ok, cos at least things are happening! A couple of plants aren’t doing super well (really just the cucumbers), but on the whole they’re growing nicely and aren’t even getting eaten much πŸ™‚

Before I start the boring bit of what a sowed when, I’ll show you some pictures. Considerate of me, I think.

This is my kale. I know it’s kinda cheating to show it cos it’s by far my oldest crop and predates any part of my vege plot (transplanted it) but it makes everything else look more promising. At the back of the bed you can see my cabbages, which are still there and completely uneaten so far! The first set of cabbage seedlings I tried were at the same time as the kale and vanished magically. Can also see my nasturtiums and a crappy cucumber in the next bed, and some garlic in the bed above. And the white stuff is old milk, which apparently plants like. Ooh, have had a couple of kale leaves in our juice – first food harvested from my garden – WOOT!

These are my tomatoes. They’re on the side of the deck, round the corner from the actual vege garden. There were quite a few basil seedlings in there too, but sweet boyses destroyed several of them I suspect – at least I can only see 2 now.

Broccoli and kohlrabi. The kohrabi is still tiny but it’s there! No, I have no idea what it taste like. Will let you know when I harvest it πŸ˜€ There’s also a marigold in there, and you can see a couple of the seedlings that actually sprouted from my spring manure bed next door.

Beetroot, spinach, silverbeet. Everything I’ve sown in the ground so far has sprouted, which is most pleasing. In this bed, anyway.

After looking pretty dead for some time, my strawberries have got some nice green leaves and tiny fruit. Really must get around to rigging up something to keep the birds off. I think there are tiny lettuce seedlings at one end there, but I’m not yet clever enough to tell the difference between seedlings and weeds in many cases.

And now for some more boring stuff.

The butternut I so happily planted elsewhere has disappeared. Didn’t last long. Bah.

Other than a couple of things, everything is germinating, so I won’t bore you with lists of dates. Carrots I’m having trouble with, but the second set I sowed in seed raising mix haven’t passed the date I’d expect them to be sprouting, so I’m holding out hope. Also tiny possibility that some of the first lot have sprouted but it’s probably just weeds 😦

First weekend of November sowed:

  • 4x peppers
  • beetroot
  • broccoli
  • pear tomato
  • 6x marigolds
  • some carrots
  • 2x beans
  • 2x peas
  • butternut (to replace the what that disappeared)
  • sunflower

A lovely lady on freecycle donated a bunch of paper towel rolls which I’ve been using as little pod things. Take up less space than the other things I’ve tried and seem ok so far! Plus hopefully the roots will get into the soil more quickly once transplanted.

Wee broccoli in there.

So the weekend just gone I went a little crazy. Apart from sowing a whole heap of marigolds and various herbs in bulk (the flat containers – hope it works out) I did:

  • 3x pepper
  • chilli
  • cocozelle (zucchini)
  • broccoli
  • 4x sunflowers
  • stevia

Ok that’s not taht crazy, but it’s pretty full inside right now, even after I put some more seedlings in the greenhouse thing and popped a few in the ground.

Basically I’m feeling pretty pleased with myself right now and hoping I’ll be harvesting lots by Christmas πŸ™‚



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