Boyses 31/10/12

Lord B, “I have an idea. I’ll go get the bink.”

Me, “That’s a good idea.”

Lord B trots off to the stairs to go get it from his room. The blanket. On the way up the stairs says, “I’ll get the bink Mumi.” Thinking he said Mummy (happens all the time) I repeat that it’s a good idea.

“Don’t talk to me, I’m talking to Mumi. Mumi, you want the bink?”

Mumi, “Yuup.”

Bobi, “Ok, I get it.”

Sir A has learnt the word slide. As in this huge slide, for example. He knows I have a picture of him on it on my phone and at bedtime, for example, says “fwy” while gesticulating at the phone, then admires his braveness slipping down the long slide. I’m told lots of children end up at A&E from that slide. Since he fell off at the bottom several times I’m not surprised.


One of Sir A’s favourite new phrases is ‘I do wee’, followed by sitting on the potty and trying to force out wee. He’s doing pretty well.



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