What a day.

Today was a surprisingly good day. An exceptionally busy and tiring one, but good. By good I mean that I got lots of things done, had some good bonding time with the kids, and didn’t shout. Not once. Really.

After Mass we said goodbye to Daddy for the day and headed off to the shops. Vege shop, no Bin Inn cos he actually takes public holidays off (fair enough, but rather inconvenient for me cos I really needed stuff from there), gf/df/pf sausages from the butcher, then a foray back into the world of shopping at Countdown. I used to shop there, back when we had a teensy bit more money. Really missing Pak ‘n Slave right about now – who would ever say that?? Well, I just did. I like knowing where everything is, I like the bulk bins, I like the double toddler trolleys, and I like the prices. There really is a difference.

But I discovered that True Rewards cards can be used at Countdown, and since we could really use 2 or 3 weeks’ free groceries, off I went. Got most of what I needed, but none of the seeds and legumes I need for crackers and hummus and lunches etc. Bah.

Anyway, did the shopping, went home, mimmed the boys, packed everything away. Put away days old laundry. Cunningly involved the boys since Lord B was become fractious and bored. Sir A put all his bum cloths in the bum cloth bucket and Lord B put his and my underwear away and helped me figure out whose clothes were whose. They share so much I get confused.

Fed us lunch, mim and stories. Fed Sir A to sleep. Read some Summa of the Summa. Man that stuff is dense. St Thomas would have made a first rate Victorian judge if he hadn’t had better things to do with his life.

Went to check on Lord B. Hung up some washing. Checked a few things on the interwebs. Checked on Lord B – asleep! He’d kicked us downstairs so he could play loudly to his heart’s content before going to sleep but had a late night last night so conked out rather quickly.

Fed Sir A back to sleep. Hung up more washing. Never managed to nap, unusually. Must have been thinking about the washing.

Fed Sir A back to sleep. Yes, again. Lord B woke up, so mimmed him and had a wonderful conversation about school. Amazing Husband is rather worried about Lord B and school. Didn’t help that Lord B said yesterday he didn’t want to go to school again. Of course we don’t want to force him to do anything but just cos he said that doesn’t mean it’s true. Not that he’s a liar, just doesn’t always quite understand what he’s saying.

So we had a chat, about what he did and didn’t like, and what would be happening tomorrow, and a vague synopsis of Hero of the Rails (Thomas the Tank Engine movie) that I didn’t understand a huge amount of and seemed rather repetitive. I think we got somewhere. Amazing Husband seemed somewhat reassured when I told him what we’d discussed. We had the cunning plan that he’d pick Lord B up just before the music time, which Lord B is not a fan of. Hopefully he’ll get over that quickly. I’ll say something proper about Lord B going to school (pre school, technically, but just as big to him) later, if I ever get time.

And then we were about to make some chocolate when Sir A staggered out of the bedroom calling for me. Lord B was happy – he’d just been saying he wanted to see Mumi. Sir A was not so happy, and required holding and mimming for some time, including while I made the chocolate, until I cracked open the olives. My kids LOVE olives. So do I. Amazing pickmeup. And then some yaut or faut or whatever he called the sauerkraut. So cute!

Then we went outside, after Lord B had proudly toileted and dressed/undressed himself and Sir A had had a turn only he didn’t like it much and didn’t do a thing. But at least he didn’t piss on the floor immediately afterwards, like just before bed tonight while I was getting rid of a freshly squeezed poo. At least it wasn’t on the carpet.

I finally cable tied my mini greenhouse to a fence. I think just the two ties should be enough – couldn’t reach the other side of the fence to thread them through any lower down! I should have taken a picture but I was too busy. (Got this one later.) Put some goat poop/wood shavings mulch round my kale, which is slowly getting bigger.

Thinking I might have to move it cos it doesn’t actually get a whole lot of sun there. Also haven’t had the chance to test it in super wind, since we’ve had fabulous weather today!

Mowed half the lawn. Poor Amazing Husband hasn’t had a huge amount of time for lawn mowing lately. Either we have Things To Do or the weather is crap. Or he’s looking after children so I can do things on my own. So some parts were really thick. Took some doing. I ache. We have a hand mower. Great exercise, but blisters and aching muscles and still half the lawn to do… at least I did most of the really hard stuff. I think.

Chucked the sausages in the pan, mimmed the boys, installed them in front of Thomas, put away some more laundry, made some juice, enthusiastically greeted husband when he came in the door, had dinner, cleaned the kitchen, put the nappies on, fed Sir A to sleep, sorted Lord B out, and finally got some time to myself to blog. It’s been a while. Hopefully I’ll get to do a garden log too!

But I suppose I should go hang up the nappies first… Nah, Lord B is holding my foot (my hands are busy) -Amazing husband can do it when he gets home. Actually I’ve just discovered Lord B is asleep, but I’m going to assume he’ll wake up if I move so I can avoid more laundry.

Oh! I almost forgot to say about the chocolate. Lord B wasn’t convinced – I left out any sweetener, thinking the coconut oil and cream would be enough, but I think a smidge of stevia or maple syrup would have helped. I thought it was ok – really rich. Sir A couldn’t get enough! Theobroma all the way.

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