Garden log 06/10/12

I meant to be doing one of these each week, but the one last week got interrupted by children (hardly a surprise) and I never got back round to it. But I have been doing stuff, honest!

This is the celery, times a million more than I expected. I’m only planning on growing 8-10 celery plants over the growing season!

Good news! Everything from my sowing on 15/09/12 has germinated. Bad news! While it did germinate, just, the broccoli got mouldy and there is now nothing to be seen. Except in one of the little cup things which has stolen a tiny chamomile seedling. Both good and bad news! Pretty much all the seeds seem to have germinated, which means I have too many of most things and will have to pull some out or try to transplant them. The celery, for example, after a looong germination period that almost tricked me into thinking they weren’t happening only I knew they took a long time so hah! ended up with 6 and 7 little germinated seeds where I only need one.

Cherry tomatoes

From my 22/09/12 sowing I have successfully germinated: beetroot, nasturtium, red basil, green basil, green basil, marigold, oregano, cherry tomatoes, big tomatoes. I’m cunningly keep track of germination dates and how many seeds germinate so I know in future: a) after how long to give up on a seed; and b) how many sprout so I don’t get a bazillion seedlings in one tiny spot. Marigolds and basil also seem to just keep sprouting, a long with the cherry tomatoes and celery and chamomile.



Sowed (inside):

  • 3x beetroot
  • 2x broccoli (hopefully these ones won’t go mouldy) (yay! looking good on 05/10)
  • chamomile
  • marigold
  • nasturtium

Woot! non-mouldy broccoli seedlings

As noted above, the broccoli are looking really good this time. I tried not to let them get too wet. And also packed down the earth this time – not sure if that made any difference. The chamomile has also sprouted during the course of the afternoon. It’s amazing how it can be bare earth before I go to bed or in the morning and and after a night or a warm afternoon in the sun there are suddenly tiny little heads of what will be delicious vegetable poking through the soil.



I’ve also been very clever and made a plan of what I need to sow when, so I have a successive harvest of roughly the right amounts. Of course it may need tweaking depending on germination and successful transplant rates, and if maturation periods are different to expected, but hopefully it’ll work out mostly how I want it to.

So, this means this weekend I need to be sowing:


(Still inside)

  • 2x celery
  • beetroot
  • broccoli
  • nasturtium
  • marigold

I read a cunning thing about how to get solanums to germinate early by wrapping their box in newspaper or something and popping them in the hot water cupboard so I might give that a go this weekend instead of waiting another week or two. I have eggplants that are supposed to doing something but aren’t (too early I think (I mislabelled the sowing seasons in my cunning colour coded list).

My watering bottle

As for the actual garden… I haven’t done much in it all week. Partly cos the weather was crap and partly cos it was just getting so disheartening working for so long and getting so unfar. I have about 1 bed (of 14)  worth of properly dug earth so far. Helpful. So I did some weeding and pruning and stuff instead so I have proper tangible results to feel good about 😀 And also it seems my derooting of grass hasn’t been completely successful as there are tiny grass seedlings sprouting amongst the kale (whose bed I sorted a few weeks ago), which I have ripped out. But it is most disgruntling and suggests I’ll be dealing with it forever unless I put in another bazillion more hours in the prep now. Gah!

One final note: made a cunning watering thing for my seedlings out of a tomato stuff bottle. Yes, I like the word cunning very much. I wanted the holes a little smaller but meh, at least it’s glass, not plastic, and easy.


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