Garden log 28/09/12

15 September

Sowed (inside):

Don’t have enough bought labels so made some with stickers and toothpicks. They won’t survive outside but hopefully I’ll be able to recognise my plants by then!

  • 2x celery (as at 28/09 not get germinated – supposed to be a slow germinator)
  • 1x mini cucumber. Has germinated and doing well.
  • 2x broccoli. Both have germinated but look kinda mouldy and not doing so well.
  • 1x cherry tomato – two seeds germinated.
  • 1x pear tomato – has germinated.
  • 3x red cabbage – all three have germinated and doing well. Have to figure out how to keep them alive once transplanted cos the first lot have disappeared into a loamy ether.
  • 2x German chamomile – seem to be getting there.


23 September

Sowed (inside):

Wonder what’s happening under that soil… hopefully lots!

  • 1x butternut
  • 1x beetroot
  • 1x nasturtium
  • 1x red basil
  • 2x basil (I only meant to do one, but accidentally did two)
  • 1x oregano
  • 1x marigold
  • 1x each of two types of eggplant
  • 1x cherry tomato
  • 1x moneymaker tomato

None of these has germinated yet.

Have also got all my kale (5 plants that survived) in the real vege garden 😀 Some of the have been rather chomped, but are recovering.

 As for the rest of the real vege garden… I’ve added 3 different types of sand and 2 lots of topsoil (some sand bought, most from freecyle – a lovely volcanic sand with lots of iron in it; topsoil free from 2 different gardens). And lots of compost. Currently in the process of digging up all the clay at the bottom of the beds, breaking it up, and mixing the various elements. It’s taking a veeeery long time. Once I’ve done the whole thing I’ll add the horse poop sitting waiting and double dig properly, so I know everything’s been distributed evenly. Hoping my seedlings will be ready around the right time…. The things I need to direct sow are probably going to be a bit late though. Oh well, they won’t next year! Oh, and I’ve been removing the large grass roots and any others that look like they’re doing anything. Hoping the others will just die happily and turn into compost.


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