Boyses 28/09/12

Sir A is learning words and phrases at an alarming rate. In the last few days he’s started saying “dirty”, “don’t do that”, “James” (the train), “I don’t like that”, “see you later”, “in there” when he wants to go somewhere, t-shirt, jersey, juice. Eggies, shoe. I forget the others. “Oh no, all baba (broken)”, yeetch (gross, must have learnt that from my parents), mole (as in brown round thing on skin – conversation went like this: Mu, pointing at the mole, ‘bought,’ ‘That’s called a mole.’ ‘bought’, ‘no, mole’, bought’, ‘mole’, ‘more’ (like a Korean saying mole), ‘yes, mole’, ‘more’, ‘yes’, and now he likes to check it’s still called a mole whenever he gets the chance), chippies. “Bee beet” as excuse me. Bump when things fall.

Lord B has a couple of new amusing phrases. “I don’t sink so dat’s a good idea.” Said in a really British accent. And, for example in response to my suggestion that he’s bribable into saying hello with chocolate, “I don’t know about dat.” Also British. And very doubtful sounding. Today while I was digging in the garden, he was digging in the sandbox and saying “I’m working very hard.” While playing instead of going to sleep: ‘I’m having a wonderful time’ (got that from my mother).

Oh how pesky, I always remember cute things they’re saying and doing when I can’t write them down, and now I can’t remember any of them 😦

Wait, Lord B recently learnt how to undo buttons and has just mastered doing them up too. Well, he did one. Still! And he took off his water proof pants by himself without losing the ones underneath. He’s also been very responsible a couple of times about going to the toilet when he needed to (mood greatly improved afterwards! amazing how grouchy discomfort makes one) without waiting too long, but only sometimes. The novelty of his toilet seat sadly wore off pretty quickly and it’s back to helping him out every time he needs to go. Oh well. Sir A is also trying to dress and undress himself these days. Not having much success, of course, but it’s super cute.

They’re both LOVING the trains we gave Lord B for his birthday. Lord B won’t share Gordon often, but Percy and Thomas are fair game. Today he wanted to make a shed for Gordon out of mega blocks. I like it when he reinacts Thomas stories. Keeps him occupied for quite a while!

Sans boys, but with all the toys.

They’re also loving the sandbox Amazing Husband built. And keeping out of my garden! Score! Of course Lord B likes to put sand all over his brother and then it gets down his nappy, but mostly they play nicely in it and keep the sand inside. This, too, pleases me greatly. Only way I’d ever get the damn digging in the garden done!

And they’re both being very sweet about sharing toys (most of the time), bringing favourites to each other when a need is real or perceived.

We won’t talk too much about what they’re up to at Mass these days… But I am looking forward to Grandpa being there more often over the school holidays, and then Lord B being at Montessori 3 mornings a week during the term.

Today Lord B wanted to know what a nipple was called. “Suck (letdown) comes out the nipple.” He said. He’s also learning colours. Sometimes he gets it right and other times he’s clearly throwing out random words. He’ll get there eventually.

Sir A is learning how to do the Sign of the Cross. He’s still at the tapping exclusively on the chest stage. Lunch today was punctuated by this, for both him and me. Lord B “corrected” my crossing of myself the other day. “No, Mummy, like dis.” Goes head, shoulder, shoulder. Erm, I think that’s a triangle. But hey. They both genuflect beautifully and don’t even always need prompting, so they’re doing better than plenty of adults.

Their other mutual super cute thing is kissing hurt bits. Sir A doesn’t always get the right spot (thinks a peck on the lips is the same, often), but it’s the thought that counts. They’re both so affectionate and give me lots of cuddles and kissies. Such sweet boyses :D


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