Check out my new format; and, God is good

The other one wasn’t quite working.

The kids have been driving me nuts today. Only made it halfway through Mass this morning – Amazing Husband had a business meeting (sounds flash, huh) in Auckland so he went to silly 0’clock (6.30) Mass. Both boys were awake (waaay to early for them) so he took Sir Smoochie so Lord B could mim and I could nap till he got him. Apparently Sir Smoochie was very well behaved there, and engaged in much whispering.

Not so when I tried to take them with me. I thought I’d be brave and go INside, instead of hanging out in the foyer. Lord B was doing ok, but  Sir Smoochie just wasn’t interested and kept pulling off his slippy and saying, loudly, “Oh no!”. So I took them out the back. Where they promptly started their usual silly buggers running around and laughing. So I put them in the car (I park right outside the door so I can keep an eye on them and Mass simultaneously, before you call CYFS) and said if there was any beeping we’d have to go home. A few minutes later Sir A just couldn’t control himself and home we went. Bah.

After a storm about the house and some chocolate and sat down and mimmed them, then sent them out of the house to play in their new sandbox. I’d go take a pic to upload but one of them might wake up while I’m gone.

Cousins Rowan and Miles (poor Miles is rather incidental still) and their incidental mother came to visit after a while, which was helpful and nice. Then Sir A got sand in his poor bottom and had to be stripped. He was astonished when he weeed on his foot while squatting on the deck. Amusing 🙂

Anyway, after they left and we’d eaten without too many dramas, we headed up to Lord B’s room for mim and stories. Both boys preeeetty tired by now, so the silly buggers started again. Got Sir A on Amazing Husband’s mattress, pulled onto the floor, and he went down pretty fast, but Lord B continued his silly buggery (keep your minds clean) and I was obliged to shout at him. Gah!

Eventually he lay down and went to sleep and I went to get the laptop. And they’re both still asleep, even though Sir A usually needs feeding back down after a sleep cycle. Hence the God is good.

I’m just feeling very frustrated. I want so much to care about why Lord B is being a pain in the butt but all I can do is go “I’m stressed and you should just be sleeping cos that’s what it’s time for and I can’t help with whatever you want right now cos I’m stuck with your brother and why can’t you just act my age only with more emotional maturity cos I just can’t right now and I need someone else to instead and rah rah rah!”

And at least now I’ve had the chance to sit down for a bit and pesk about with my theme and rant a trifle and I’m totally getting a tension headache which means I might not be able to go out tonight like I’m meant to but I can’t do much about it till the boys are up, and possibly also not even then. I had meant to show off pictures of Lord B’s birthday last night but someone rang and woke up Sir A just as I was cleaning out Lord B’s potty and I had to feed him for the rest of the evening and couldn’t be bothered.

So I’ll just stick in a picture of the cake here, which Cousin Rowan’s mother made. My brother might not do me much good but I am very fond of his wife 🙂 Actually three photos, and a link to her blog, since I’ll stole them from there 🙂

2 Responses to “Check out my new format; and, God is good”
  1. Smokering says:

    Oh dear. I had no idea. If it’s any help, we just drove 45 minutes to pick up some fertile eggs, and Miles spent the entire drive home pointing and shouting “Eggy!” in desperately hungry tones. So that was fun.

    Incidentally, it’s CYFS. Child Youth and Family Services, innit. Although I usually call it CPS, on account of spending too much time on American-dominated forums (in which people seem to have quite frequent dealings with them… hmm.)

    • yes, that’s what I meant. I started with SIFS, so I think I did ok considering I was typing as fast as humanly possible to actually maybe possibly post something before they woke up. We had a lovely afternoon, at Cat’s and then the Gardens, and ended with F&C and now they’re in the bath and I don’t have to do anything 😀 so it was ok in the end. I’m just objecting to unchangeable reality, which is remarkably silly!

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