What Neglect

Of this blog, that is. But I’ve got a great excuse. We finally got several days of no rain all day and I took advantage of it to do the second layer of bricks on my vege garden. I also pretty much ignored the house so there was lots of catchup over the weekend… and the boys have been sick. Bleurgh.

It would seem I don’t have a pic of the whole thing (could have sworn I took one – maybe it’s on the camera) but you get the idea from this section. Though the rest isn’t as pretty cos I left a lot of the old mortar on. But I’m going to use the old bits of mortar to cover over the holes – slugs LOVE them – so it’ll all look unpretty together.

Sir A caught a cold somewhere and decided to try and get his top fangs at the same time. Then he gave the cold to Lord B. Lord B is a TERRIBLE patient. He’s lying wailing intermittently and trying to get to sleep as I type. At least it’s Daddy’s problem tonight! And now I’m kinda getting it. Hopefully it’s not severe cos I really want to get back into the garden, and it’s Lord B’s birthday party on Saturday!

I’ve also been super organised about my planting schedule. By which I mean I’ve made a nice list of what needs to be planted when and started making a calendar for it. Which hasn’t got very far. But I have 12 seedlings hopefully germinating and will get more going soon. And once I’ve got my beds all nice and ready (currently mostly clay with pesky grass roots throughout, so needs lots of fixing) I can start getting in my carrots and a couple of other things that need to be direct sowed. Sown? *Panic, it’s not underlining either and I don’t know which is right – totally blame my mildly snotty nose*

And here’s the plan of what’s going where. Tomatoes will be in a separate bed since apparently they’re narcissistic and prefer to be alone.

In other news, the boys have recently taken to having us put food colouring in their bath. Just to end really random.


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