From nappies to undies, Sir A (part one)

After a PhD length dissertation on Lord B’s journey to toileting independence, I thought I’d better not tack Sir A’s on the end, and plus he’s not finished his trip yet. Here’s how’s it going so far.

Sweet, sweet Sir A. Either Sir A is seriously advanced for his age, or Lord B was really, erm, unadvanced. Or we’ve forgotten what Lord B was really like. Or a combination of the lot. Sir A does, of course, have the great advantage of having a brother close in age, from whom he can learn a great deal. In fact Lord B occasionally even picks things up from Sir A.

And now to the point. Sir A has been exposed to the majority of Lord B’s nappies to toilet experience. Sir A  tries to copy everything Lord B does. It seems reasonable, therefore, that Sir A will toilet train himself and I won’t need to do anything. Right? Heh, maybe. But probably not.

Sir A certainly has picked up many important principles, however. He loves to sit on potties (though he’s yet to do anything on one. That I know of. Most of the time he sits on them he’s clothed, so who knows.) and knows all about toilets and washing hands and things. He knows he needs a clean nappy when he’s done a poo and often tells us he needs one. In fact been bum is one of his favourite things to say at the moment. I’m wondering if he says it every time he wees, cos he seems to know all about those too. We’ve considered putting him on the potty every time he says it, but can’t quite be bothered.

A couple of weeks ago he was sitting in the bath trying to force out wee, saying “more?” and looking quite dejected that there was none. He also seems to take great pleasure in taking a slash pretty much any time we leave him unattended and nappyless for more than 3 seconds. Like today. On my bed. Thankfully mostly on the waterproof mattress protector he leaks on at night, but a bit on the duvet, the pesk. Which leads me to believe he’s doing it because he can, not accidentally.

Anyway, his potty story started around 6 months when he started having solids poos. He didn’t like how it felt when it came out and wouldn’t finish a poo if he had a nappy on. After watching for several days (weeks?) with great amusement as his bowel movements squiggled onto his open nappies, and catching the accompanying wees as best I could, I started putting him on the potty. This worked well for a while, until he stopped minding doing them in his nappy and I got lazy.

Multi tasking – sucking toes while pooing. How is that a baby can make something like that cute??

Fast forward till he’s around 13 or 14 months and I get enthused about elimination communication again. This was partly cos he was doing a poo every single morning within half an hour of getting up, and partly cos I thought it might be easier with him that it had been with Lord B. Gave up on the poos after a bit since he wouldn’t do them on cue and then would sneak ’em out when Amazing Husband wasn’t looking and/or was at a vital point of breakfast making. Yeah, he  makes breakfast every day while I lie in bed feeding Lord B. It’s a tough life.

It was also partly because Sir A exhibited an odium of nappies, and I thought it’d be great if we could get him out of them, even part time. He was almost impossible to change and got quite upset about the whole process. So I set to work giving him lots of nappy free time and watching to figure out his cues/clean up asap.

After a few stains on the carpet (though he was most clever at usually getting mats) from wees, and a couple of stealth poos (you think they’ve already done 3 today, there can’t possibly be any more – those are the days there always is another) and a grumpy Amazing Husband who wasn’t quite as enthused as me, the enthusiasm waned dramatically and I stopped. Didn’t see that coming, huh.

Now we’re at 18ish months. He knows the words for poo, yuck, clean bum, pants, wee-wee and poopie (the things that do them – isn’t it amazing how every family creates its own dialect?), is concious of doing his business, cooperates willingly with nappy changes – SUCH a welcome change – and loves to sit on the potty. No, I don’t expect we’ll have him out of nappies in a week. I’m not sure if I even want him out of them just yet. But I think it would be nice for him to not have a soggy arse most of the time and that he’s capable of taking a bit more control in that area. And who wouldn’t like to have control over whether they have poo stuck to their butt for a couple of hours before anyone notices?

So once the weather improves and we can be outside lots, and I’ve got something good at cleaning carpets, I’ll give it a good go. And in the meantime I’ll try to get him on the potty for poos, and give him a chance at nappy changes, just to see what happens. And quite possibly I’ll only update this with news of success in a year, but maybe it’ll be less 😀 [See here for update.]


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