Rosemary makes up a cookie recipe

I don’t bake. This is for several reasons. 1. I suck at it. 2. I don’t enjoy it – it’s usually much too complicated and involving far too much mess, plus having to do vital things just as a child falls off a chair. 3. It’s often expensive. 4. Most conventional baking is full of vile ingredients and substituting makes it even more complicated and expensive.

Nevertheless, today, after thinking about how yummy biscuits are, and equally as full of crap, I decided to make some. I checked out some recipes online but they all required ingredients I didn’t have, were too complicated, or offended me.

Other people make up their own recipes, so I figured I’d try it too. Never mind that they actually know what they’re doing 😀

I grabbed the leftover porridge from this morning. Already presoaked and cooked so I didn’t have to wait a day. Plus had cinnamon and coconut cream in it. Added a sprinkling of hamalayan salt and a whizz of maple syrup.


Chopped up half a slab of Whittaker’s Dark Ghana (72% cocoa and dairy free) in the food processor and chucked that in, added an egg and some coconut oil, and decided it was too wet, so chucked in some brown rice flour. I think. It’s been in the cupboard a while, unlabeled.

Mixed it all up and stuck it in a round silicon thing and a muffin tray.


Baked it for a bit. Tasted it. Well Sir A and I liked it. Lord B turned up his nose in favour of freshly baked sourdough?? I’m sure Amazing Husband will like it though.


No, it’s not at all like a biscuit, but it didn’t fall apart, tastes good, and is mostly healthy. So I don’t mind.


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