More sayings from the boys

Well Sir Smoochie has acquired quite a few more words since my last post. He’s also really into adding a “t” to the end of words. Like “more” becomes “mort”. It’s pretty cute. Duh.

New words: Bant, for pants or shorts. He also tries to put them on and can’t quite understand why they need to stay off till he’s got a clean nappy. Deet for teeth (he does the signing for cleaning teeth, too), bite for bike. All done/done, for food or mim, generally. So glad he’s learnt that, cos then if he tries to come back for more after saying he’s finished I have a very fat leg to stand on in refusing. He’s also learnt “well done”, which comes out differently each time. Uses it for himself sometimes, and also for his brother. It’s very sweet how they encourage and congratulate each other. There’s usually clapping involved too, along with very proud looks.

“Down”. Kinda handy but meh. After clearly saying dumptruck a month or two ago, all diggers, trucks etc are currently something like “ghighit”. I think he still says roller for steamroller though.

Grandpa is no longer Nanny! He’s now Ban ban or something.

“Oh no”, “oh dear”. “Den” (blanket, here you go, again, dance, and also a few other things I haven’t worked out yet). I think he tried to say jersey the other day. “Chippiet” (chippies), some version of kissy. “Wet.”

Yumyumyum. “Bed” for bread. Something for thank you. Can’t remember what. Though a second ago it was “den”. Den must be the go-to word when he can’t remember the real one. Ooh, we had a “sit” just before, too.

Tangent time. I finally thought of looking up the meaning of Sir A’s middle name the other day. I will now occasionally refer to him as Immortal Nobleman, just to confuse people. Lord B is Blessed Rock.

Speaking of Lord B, he’s really into the word “indeed” at the moment. “Cool indeed”, “quite indeed” (not sure if it’s meant to be that, or “quite, indeed”) and various other excellent usages of the word. It is a good word. Indeed.

He’s discovered he can say “nice to see you”. We like that. And Lynn at Hammer Hardware really like it today too. Even though he only said it two minutes after we left her presence.

Periodically I get asked “how’s your gawden?” Very sweet that he takes such an interest in my garden.

“What’s that?” tends to actually mean “I know what that is but feel like drawing attention to it or make you say the name again just for fun.” When he really wants to know the name of something he says “what’s that dono?” or “what’s that called?”

Getting quite good with pronouns, but still has a couple of things in his head as a phrase that is unalterable (the “show me” and also sit next to me”). His pronunciation of “you” is very cute – a lot like the Afrikaans formal word for you. Which it can’t be, cos it’s not a word that’s used around him. Nice to pretend, though.

Of course I could write these wordy posts indefinitely, since they’re learning so much so quickly, but that’ll do for now.

2 Responses to “More sayings from the boys”
  1. AfricanKiwi says:

    haha I like the “what’s that”. Conway is constantly saying “wha is?” “wha is?” It’s his favourite game I’m sure

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