What’re the boys saying?

This is mostly a recordkeeping post, but may afford amusement to readers.

It’s hard to transliterate a lot of what comes out of the boys’ mouths, but I’ll do my best!

Sir A has recently picked “I need it” from his brother. Sure you do. He has a very garbled version of splash, used whenever we’re outside the church door, as there is a puddle close to it when it’s been raining. Also used when arriving home if there’s a puddle on the driveway. Oh how they like to splash.

Lord B likes to use phrases from Thomas, like “then there was trouble” and “a mighty crash”, while playing with trains and blocks and things.

Sir A is getting the hang of signing quite well, with the added bonus that he usually says the word too! The other day I asked if he wanted mim or food and he did the sign for food and said it (very sweetly, I might add), looking mightily pleased with himself. I think he has a version of doggy. He barks most sweetly when he sees one, or a picture of one. Of course there’s Mummy and Daddy and Bobi (Lord B) and Nanny (both Nanny and Grandpa) and bed and bath and ball and a version of drink accompanied by a version of the sign for drink. He does sounds for sheep and cows and cats. Plane sounds a bit like bay. Digger, roller, tractor. How could I forget MIM till now? Yuck (guck), poopie (poo or bum), kee bah (clean bum/nappy change) accompanied by vague torso tapping. Back (for going on Mummy’s back). Tonight I’m pretty sure he was trying to say fork – must look up the sign for that – as he was gesticulating in the direction of the drawer and quite utensilless. Sounded kinda like ork. Or maybe pork. I forget. It was cute either way.

Lord B also picks up things from us, such as “I’ve had enough!” (sadly said too often when we lose our cool), “what’s all this?” when a mess has been made – or something about everything – I forget the exact words, but Sir A pulled all the laundry out of the bucket thing we keep in the bathroom and Lord B did such a cute frowny disapproving face, shaking his head, and asking something about what’s this doing everywhere? So amusing when he pulls a Mummy or Daddy on little brother, when 2 minutes before he was doing exactly the same thing! I suppose he learns from experience. Hmmm. “Oh Mumi, really?” Said with the cutest little frown and hands upturned a bit in front of him.

I’m rather impressed at how Lord B is learning to express his emotions. Not all the time, obviously – we still get plenty of tears and roars of rage but, you know, I still do that sometimes. But he’s getting really good at saying “I feel cross” or “I want to be stout (naughty)” or “I want to hit/kick Mumi”. He’s also occasionally telling us when he’s tired and wants to go to sleep, which is a nice change to swearing he’s not tired as his eyes droop out of his head.

How could I forget his current favourite word: “poopie”? Poopie Daddy, poopie poopie, allelulila poopie. It’s apparently a particle of speech suitable to insert anywhere. He also likes to singsong “Jesus Christ, Holy Spiwit” and various other things he hears at Mass. Nice to know he is actually occasionally listening. (They appear not to be paying any attention, then when the homily is over Sir A says “more?” as if he was hearing every word.)

Today Sir A was plaintively repeating ‘Nanny’ to himself in the car. Lord B said, ‘you really want to see Nanny and Grandpa’. My jaw dropped. Could just be parroting what we do, but could be empathising. Either way, not bad for an almost 3yo, I thought.

African Baby likes peanut butter very much. He calls it bubba. He also really likes his little slippers (slippies). He calls them “bibbi”.

Lord B unfortunately caught a couple of not so nice expressions off a relative who will remain nameless (ok, fine, it was me), such as “fuck’s sake”. He uses it so well and sounds so mournful when he does it, but we’re trying to convince him it’s something he shouldn’t say, no matter how apt. Of course Mummy should stop saying it too. She’s trying!

Another phrase that has become a favourite with Lord B lately is “um, sorry, can’t” when you ask if he wants to/can do something. He says sorry fairly often, actually. Also “excuse me” (and “move!”) and “nanku” (thank you) and please and “love you (poopie)”. And today I asked him to do something in very vague terms and he said “I don’t understand”! That was quite exciting. I didn’t know if he understood the word understand. So then I explained it better and he did it straight away.

I’m sure there are lots of other things I can’t think of right now, but these must be the most important if I can remember them. All in all, my boys are learning to communicate very well. Lord B’s sentences are becoming more complex and complete by the day, and Sir A is picking things up really fast (and if he can’t say or sign it, he usually figures out how to tell us what he needs – it’s amazing how easy it is to understand him) and understands A LOT. Gotta be careful what we say around them….


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