Rosemary’s rosemary, and other things

So apparently it’s a good idea to keep a gardening journal and I thought this would be a good place to do it.

Planted garlic midwinter day ish. As at 31 July:


Started some seedlings a few weeks ago – kale and cabbage. Nothing else germinated. Planted them out last week and they’re still alive 😀


We’ve got the bricks and the grass is loosened for the raised bed. Some sucker is coming to get the grass at the weekend, having bought it on trademe 🙂


Hopefully more exciting things will be happening soon!

Oh and I should probably actually mention some rosemary. Finally transplanted it from the pot that was hiding from the boys on the roof of a shed. And then planted some garlic next to it.

Update: Sir A has wickedly pulled out one of my seedlings. Kale, I think. As a punishment I allowed him to wallow in the mud naked while I cut the rest of the grass into strips, to better facilitate its removal tomorrow. He quite liked that, until I had to take his brother upstairs to Daddy and shut him out (he was muddy). And then I almost scalded him when washing him off. Not to self – look at the shower temperature thingie, don’t just do it by feel. Also, I must put my eggshells around the other seedlings because some vile creature has been nibbling at some of them. Unrequired!

So by tomorrow evening I should have nice, big, empty beds waiting for foundations and walls, and then I can fill ’em with compost and dirt and, soon, seeds and seedlings. Must check what to sow now in preparation. We’re also picking up a large window tomorrow, to protect new things in the beds, care of freecycle. Who’d’ve thought I’d love anything more than trademe? But freecycle is free, and after months of looking everyone on trademe still wants ridiculous amounts of money for windows that are going to sit in my garden and get scungy.


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