Oh dear, not another bloody blog

I’ve done it. I’ve gone and been one of those annoying people who think everyone cares about their life and wants to read about it. Actually, I know a few people probably would, but that’s not why I’ve started a blog. It’s mostly cos I do all this reading and thinking and then it flies about my head like a swarm of bees and I don’t get the most out of it.

So this is mostly to make some sort of order out of all the things I’m thinking about. And to keep my husband in the loop, since I often have this bizarre idea that just cos I know what’s in my head, I’ve told him. No, Rosemary, your husband cannot read your mind. If I’m lucky, it’ll have the bonus that other people will benefit from it too. Quite how often I’ll get the chance to write anything remains to be seen, due to the beautiful little creatures that have got me doing all this thinking anyway – they think Mummy sits down at her computer = Mummy wants to be sat on. Even if they’re at the other end of the house. They just have this 6th sense.

So here I sit, glasses on (to make me look and feel intelligent), fingers poised (oh wait, they’re actually typing)… and where to start? With the baby, who’s just woken up.

One Response to “Oh dear, not another bloody blog”
  1. Renelle says:

    You’re awesome. Can’t wait to see more ruminations! x

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